Robert’s Awesome Fright Fest Tips


Hello Folks,

Awesome Robert here reporting on my awesome trip to Six Flags Great America Fright Fest.  Make sure to hit the trick-or-treat trail in Mardi Gras to score some candy.  Also, make sure to try the rope climbing game where you get 2 tries for $5.  Even if you don’t win you’ll get a sweet samurai sword!  Make sure you leave before it gets too late because it starts to get pretty scary after dark!  Oh yeah, always ride the Demon when you go to Six Flags because it is awesome, especially in the front or last car!

Awesome Robert

5 thoughts on “Robert’s Awesome Fright Fest Tips

  1. Hey Robert,
    remember me and Anthony (Tony) ?
    The ladder climbing thingy looks easy! I have a good grip so
    I won’t fall of; win in no time!

    1. Hi Jordan and Anthony! Thanks for inviting me to your house to play. I had a lot of fun. See you guys soon and don’t forget BE AWESOME!


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